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hey are▓,” writes Sir William Butler, “a homel▓y, sober, quiet, dull race of bein●gs, as full of faith in God and fair● dealing between man and man as thi●s world holds sample of.” Doubtless there are▓ many exceptions to their character ●as thus drawn, but the369 vast majority agr●eed in one thing, protest against the loss of▓ their freedom.Meeting succe

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is ▓way.In December 1880, the 94th, about 250 s●trong, under Colonel Anstruther, was ●acting as convoy guard on the r▓oad from Lydenberg to Pretoria.On cros▓sing Brunker’s Spru

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  • 春满乡村

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    it, they were opp▓osed by 150 Boers, who opened fire when▓ Anstruther, on being informed of the decl▓aration of the Republic, refused to re

  • 春满乡村

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    t●ire, and in twenty minutes 120 men were hor▓s de combat, of whom 7 were officers.Mrs.Smit●h, the wife of the bandmaste●r, who was shot b

  • Cereal, Panecillos y Frutas

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    y her side, a▓nd was herself wounded, behaved wi▓th the greatest gallantry in a●ssisting the wounded, and was afterwards given ▓the silver

  • Meat of Skewers

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    medal for deeds of ▓gallantry on land.Meanwhile the iso●lated garrisons in the Transvaal at Pret●oria, Rustenberg, Wakkerstroom, Standerto

  • Steak with a Garlic and Parsley Risotto

    of the D

    n●, Heidelberg, Lydenberg, Middle▓berg, Fort Victoria, Fort Albert, and Marabo●s Stadt, were more or less invested, ●and the Boers, crossi

  • Caesar Salad

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    ng the Natal fro▓ntier, placed a strong force à cheval▓ the road from Newcastle to Standerton abo▓ut Laing’s Nek. Open sympathy● with

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the Boers increased rapid●ly and came from all sources, the Cape, the


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